Rimini Enterprise

Securely connecting cashless eWallets to land based gaming machines

In partnership with Okto Payments

  • Cloud based middleware software solution
  • Securely connects APP based cashless payment wallet solutions to land based gaming machines
  • Multiple gaming machine protocols support (GBG-EFT, SAS-AFT, GSP & Retrofit ccTalk)
  • Comprehensive machine registration process to protect against illegal device connection
  • Manages the transfer of cash and promo funds between the Cashless Wallet and the gaming machines
  • All transfers audited using market-proven algorithms to protect against Money Laundering & Data/Fraud Attack
  • Remote management of funds transfer function on gaming machine‚Ķ activated/deactivated at the press of a button  
  • Minimal impact on existing gaming operations with web based reports available for income reconciliation

Rimini Enterprise Overview diagram

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