Rimini Guardian

TITO and Machine/Kiosk Management 

  • Developed by Industry Experts with over 16 years experience
  • Easy to Install and Use
  • Clear concise accurate reporting
  • Field proven within Motorway Service Areas & AGC operations
  • Cash TITO  
    • Multiple TITO protocols… GBG, SAS & Retrofit
    • Single TITO solution for your entire gaming floor
    • Optimises your gaming operation
  • TITO Security – protect your operation from Fraudulent Activity
    • Money Laundering
    • Peripheral Fraud
    • Game Manipulation
    • Automatic Email Alerts
  • Promo Ticketing and Promo Fund Download
  • Cash Reconciliation
    • Single accounting report for all machines and kiosks on your gaming operation
    • Efficient and easy to use collection process
    • Collection Banking & Income Performance Reports
    • Collection Variance Reports with automatic email alerts
  • Kiosk Management
    • Real Time Float Tracking
    • Automatic Low/Empty Float Alert Emails
    • Redeemed Ticket Transactions with dispensed cash
    • Kiosk Collections & Refill Monitoring
  • Performance Analysis – across your entire gaming operation
    • Hourly, Gaming Day & Periodic Meter Performance Reports
    • Sessional Play Analysis

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